27 Jun 2010




The World Cup 2010 had move to the last 16 round where the game is a 'kalah mati'. Some tournament big names had already when back home while some surprise team still carrying their flag in the last 16.

As I am typing this entry, the first 2 games had already being played :

Uruguay vs South Korea (full time result : 2-1 in favour of Uruguay)

USA vs Ghana (full time result : 1-2 in favour of Ghana after extra time)

Uruguay will meet Ghana, the sole survivor of the African team, in the quarterfinal.

Tonight, the giants on the European will clashed at Bloemfontein Stadium between Germany & England. May the best team win!

The other fixture that turn out to be mouth watering is the Spain vs Portugal. CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo) is yet to shine and this games would be perfect for him. In the Spaniard camp, Torres is yet to show his best and struggled to shine as well. He's been overshadowed by the prolific David Villa who scored 3 goals so far.

Personally, I would expect Brasil to progress well to the final in which the only real obstacle is Holland awaiting in the quarterfinal should both team progress after the round of 16. Brasil had been drawn in the supposedly 'easier' half of the competition. The other half consists of Argentina, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal.. to name a few. Tough one!

The only real threat to Brasil in road to the final would be Holland, as mention above. Should Brasil get pass the Dutch, it would be Brasil's too lose on road to the final.


Note : I think of another entry of the Vuvuzela..

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