12 Jun 2010


World Cup 2010 is on the horizon. For the next a month or so, people (I meant mostly guys) will be talking about the beautiful game, FOOTBALL. This year tournament is in South Africa and the kick-off was about 10pm (Malaysian time) with the opening game between host nation South Africa against Mexico (already finished with final score 1-1).

Personally, this is the time where I need to sacrifice on my sweet dream time in exchange of watching a live telecast of a football match. My pick will always
be the Brazilian. No surprise there. Their play is simply awesome! Viva Brasil! Viva Brasil!

Some fact about World Cup :

1) Brazil won the most - 5 times. Interestingly, they won it in 4 different continents! 1958 in Sweden (Europe), 1962 in Chile (South America), 1970 in Mexico (North America), 1994 in USA (North America), 2002 in Korea/Japan (Asia). What an amazing achievement!

2) Italy is the the current champion (holders) as they won the World Cup 2006 held in Germany by defeating France 5-3 on penalty after 1-1 draw (a.e.t). That is their 4th times

3) The most popular team and everyone favorite this year is Spain. However, Spain are yet to win the world cup. They are the current European Champion

4) No representative from the Middle East (Asian Qualifying) as all nation had failed to qualify.

5) Sadly, Malaysia are yet to qualify for the World Cup Final. Hopefully, in near future though. However, as Malaysian, I am proud to see a Malaysian referee had been given the honour to be the 4th official on the opening game of World Cup 2010. He is En Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh.

Some facts about him :

Role : Referee
Country : Malaysia (MAS)

Date of Birth : 17.11.1966

Height : 174 cm

Occupation: Teacher (Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Nibong Tebal
, Pulau Pinang)
Mother tongue : Malay

Other languages : English

International since : 2000

First international : Iraq-Nepal (23.04.2001)

Hobbies : Bowling & Snooker

Fondest memory : FIFA World Youth Championship Peru 2005

Note : Macamana jadi referee bola tapi hobi nya boling & snooker ? Surprising !

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