30 Jun 2010


Aduhh.. semenjak daripada pagi tadi, air-cond kat ofis ni problem ! Mak aih.. berpeluh dibuatnya dan meningkatkan tahap ke-tension-an la pulak.. Banyak yang mengeluh. Tempat ni dah la padat dengan orang. Dekat floor ni sahaja ada lebih kurang 70 - 80 orang.. tak ke haru nama nya tu ?

Ada yang berkipas kertas.. ada yang terus buat2 ada kerja kat luar. Siapa yang dah memang ada kipas electric, macam my boss, ok la.. at least kurang la sikit ke-sengsaraan-nya.. tension.. tension..

Building maintenance ni tido ke apa ni ?

Note :
Tak pasal2 hari ni ada 3 entry..




After Rafael Benitez (former team manager) got the boot, Liverpool FC had actively searching for the replacement. A flurry of names being mentioned and put in the hat. Dalglish, O'Niell, Hodgson, Deschamp, Rijkaard, Erickson and a few others being mentioned as the possible replacement. And today, if the 'news' is to be believed, the Liverpool FC board had decided that they will offer the job to ROY HODGSON - the Fulham manager. click here

My personal view :

Possibly, the choice is relatively the 'cheaper' option for Liverpool FC based on the pedigree Hodgson shows while managing small club, tight budget with decent players. This is because Liverpool FC being heavily burdened by the 300++ million in debt incurred to the club when the Owners, some no-football-brainer-dude from USA, borrowed the money to buy the club a few years back. They came with some 'glittering reputation' and promised the moon and the stars, but failed to deliver. The new stadium still on the drawing board, not to mention the number of 'design adjustment' (hidden translation.. cost cutting!) that had been made to the original plan. The cash in offering to bring in new world class player had since dried up. Instead the debt keep on piling up like a case file in the PDRM & SPRM offices. Liverpool FC had never recovered from the debt situation since!

This news is a disappointment to me. Personally, I don't hate Hodgson. Really. It just that, his pedigree does not matched the club as big as Liverpool FC is. The least that I would expect is, the return of the Liverpool's prodigal son, the last manager to bring the league title to Anfield, the player that the fans vote as Liverpool finest in club's century history - KENNY DALGLISH - to take over the job and propel Liverpool FC to the top, where it belongs. Until the news is published in the LIVERPOOL FC official site - fingers cross - I hope this is just a 'rumours'. However, by the look of things and the paper that published the 'rumours' - Liverpool Echo - I think the 'rumours' is as good as a 'news'.

Hodgson was voted the Manager Of The Year by the League Managers Association last season (09/10). And, he managed to guide Fulham to the Final of Europa Cup for the first time in their history. But, that doesn't convinced me.. yet. Hopefully, he will be able to win his doubters.. the fans, like me, over and bring back the glory days to Anfield as well as ended The KOP craved of the English Premier League Champion trophy.

Fingers cross and hoping that there will be lights at the end of the tunnel.


Note : Pls.. pls.. keep Torres and Gerrard at Anfield !



"Go on.. go on.. with hope.. in your heart.. and you'll never walk alone.. you'll never walk.. alone.."

My handphone rang to the tune of "You'll Never Walk Alone" - Liverpool FC anthem..

Me : "Huh! siapa pulak yang call time-time mengular ni..".

I picked up the call..

Me : "Halo..". answered with my usual stern hard voice
Caller : "Can I speak to En Pala?"
Me : "Ya"
Caller : "I am calling from a syarikat insurance (nama sebenar dirahsiakan)".
Me : "Emm.."
Caller : "Since Encik is a good customer to Astro, we are going to offer an insurance pakage to you.."
Me : "Currently, saya dah ada insurance.. buat apa nak ambik lagi ?".
Caller : "Encik, boleh berikan saya lima minit untuk berikan penerangan ?".
Me : "OK. 5 minit"
Caller : "OK. There are 2 packages yang kita nak offer pada Encik. Yang pertama, coverage sehingga RM30K for six months dan tidak perlu bayar premium apa2. Kami terus activatekan untuk Encik.."
Me : "Emm.. Ya"
Caller : "2nd package, coverage up to half a million but this one come with small monthly payable. The benifits.. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..". He stressed on the word half a million

He kept explaining on and on and on.. I was patiently listening but not really paying any attention to it. I just kept answering "Ya..", "Emm.." & "OK.." to kept the conversation alive.

Caller : "bla.. bla.. bla.. bla.. . So, macamana Encik ? Do you want me to registerkan untuk you for the 2nd package ? There is no obligation or what so ever"
Me : "Emm.."
Caller : "Package ini bagus.. walaupun Encik dah claim dengan your first insurance, you can claim it again with us dengan hanya providing the photostate copy of the bills"
Me : "Sorry. saya tak nak membebankan my financial situation.."

But he kept trying his luck to push the deal thru..

Caller : "Not many insurance company yang offer macam ni. Normally, mereka akan minta original bill untuk tujuan tuntutan. Dengan kami, hanya perlukan photostate copy sahaja"
Caller : "Maknanya, Encik boleh buat double claims. Dan, kalau company Encik sudah cover, kami akan bayar juga.."
Me : "Tadi you kata 'no obligation' kan ?"
Caller : "Yes. But this is a good offer for you..". Kept trying on his luck..
Me : "You kata 'no obligation'.. so, saya kata saya tak nak sign up.. "

I stayed firmed to my decision.. and he gave up. Possibly trapped with his own word of 'no obligation'.

Caller : "OK then. If that is the case, I just sign you up for the first package. We will send you the document once ready".
Caller : "Thank you for your time.."
Me : "OK".

He hung up the phone..

Until today (it is already about a month or so), I haven't received any kind of document for the so call 'free insurance coverage of RM30K for six month'!

Thanks.. but no thanks. Your call are not welcome.

Lesson learned : Promoter will say anything to persuade Buyer to buy, but in the end we (Buyer) should evaluate and stay firm with our decision..

29 Jun 2010


The Argentinian had quickly established themselves as favourite in this year tournament. Their form were superb in which they had won all their matches so far, convincingly. This scenario is in contrast to their qualifying campaign form where they had struggled to qualify, only doing so on the last game of the South American qualifying group.

Coach by the Great Maradona, they really show their talent and peak at the right time in this year tournament. Argentina scored the most number of goals so far and their striker, Higuain, top of the Golden Boot chart with 4 goals. Their team possesses arguably the most feared attacking play lead by the Football of The Year, 5ft 6in, Lionel Messi. Others on the attacking line up are Higuain, Tevez, Aguero, Millito and Angel Di Maria.


En route to the quarterfinal, they had defeated Nigeria (ranked : 21), South Korea (ranked : 47), Greece (ranked : 13) & Mexico (ranked : 17). Fifa ranking. Their quarterfinal opponent is Germany, who thrashed hopeless England in their respective 2nd round match. The fixture sure will provide fireworks as both teams had scored the most in this year competition with Argentina scored 10, Germany scored 9. A Slick Argentine vs the Discipline Troops of the German.

Should they get past the Germany, barring of any upset in other matches, the Spaniard will be awaiting them in the semifinal. WOW! What a match..


Note : I think I should start an entry on Brasil soon emm..

28 Jun 2010


"Go on.. go on.. with hope.. in your heart.. and you'll never walk alone.. you'll never walk.. alone.."

My handphone rang to the tune of "You'll Never Walk Alone" - Liverpool FC anthem..

Me : "Halo.."
Emak : "Laa.. Mak nak talipon Ngah nko"
Me : "OK.."

Emak hang up the phone.

15 seconds later..

"Go on.. go on.. with hope.. in your heart.. and you'll never walk alone.. you'll never walk.. alone.."

My handphone rung again.. I took a peek at the number.. "Emak..", I said silently in my heart

Me : "Halo.."
Emak : "Halo.. laa.. kenapa dapat nombor nko lagi. Mak nak talipon Ngah nko.."
Me : "Tekan la butang 'Names', pastu pilih la nama Ngah.."
Emak : "Entah la.. apa la yang adik nko (my lil brother) dah godek-godek handphone ni semalam. Tak tau nak carik macamana dah.."
Me : "Pilih nombor dulu.. baru la tekan butang call.."
Emak : "OK la..". she hung up

30 seconds later..

"Go on.. go on.. with hope.. in your heart.. and you'll never walk alone.. you'll never walk.. alone.."

My handphone rung again.. but suddenly the ringing come to a halted. A missed call.

I checked the missed call number.. it was 'Emak'.. again. Sah dah pening la tu..

I hope Emak will get used to the handphone (click here) menu soon enough.

I believed, now Emak already get use to the menu or maybe what she did was, instead of juggling around the menu she will just dialed the number which she had witten and kept in her possession. Possibly, the second one would be the better solution for Emak so that Emak tak payah pening-pening to learn all the menu that she would never actually use.

At least, Emak got the freedom to call anybody now instead of waiting for my lil sister(s) to come back after work.

Relationship = Communicate

Note : I still got one more line that I can register to my name.. emmm

27 Jun 2010




The World Cup 2010 had move to the last 16 round where the game is a 'kalah mati'. Some tournament big names had already when back home while some surprise team still carrying their flag in the last 16.

As I am typing this entry, the first 2 games had already being played :

Uruguay vs South Korea (full time result : 2-1 in favour of Uruguay)

USA vs Ghana (full time result : 1-2 in favour of Ghana after extra time)

Uruguay will meet Ghana, the sole survivor of the African team, in the quarterfinal.

Tonight, the giants on the European will clashed at Bloemfontein Stadium between Germany & England. May the best team win!

The other fixture that turn out to be mouth watering is the Spain vs Portugal. CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo) is yet to shine and this games would be perfect for him. In the Spaniard camp, Torres is yet to show his best and struggled to shine as well. He's been overshadowed by the prolific David Villa who scored 3 goals so far.

Personally, I would expect Brasil to progress well to the final in which the only real obstacle is Holland awaiting in the quarterfinal should both team progress after the round of 16. Brasil had been drawn in the supposedly 'easier' half of the competition. The other half consists of Argentina, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal.. to name a few. Tough one!

The only real threat to Brasil in road to the final would be Holland, as mention above. Should Brasil get pass the Dutch, it would be Brasil's too lose on road to the final.


Note : I think of another entry of the Vuvuzela..

25 Jun 2010



Mystery caller
: "Boleh saya bercakap dengan Encik Pala ?"
Me : "Ya ?"
Mystery caller : "Err.. ini Encik Pala Maldini ke ?"
Me : "Ya. saya"
Mystery caller : "Saya memanggil daripada Menara Kuala Lumpur. Kami menguruskan penghantaran ...... (sound blurr.. tak dengar sangat apa yang dihantarnya)"
Me : "Iya. Ada apa ?"
Mystery caller : "Encik masih menggunakan kad kredit ?"
Me : "Ya"
Mystery caller : "Encik gunakan Visa atau Mastercard ? Daripada bank mana ?"
Me : "Mana you dapat nombor saya ?"
Mystery caller : "Kami cuma ada nombor dan nama saja. Daripada recommendation.."
Me : "Emm.."
Mystery caller : "Boleh saya tahu, Encik gunakan Visa atau Mastercard daripada bank mana ?"
Me : "Kalau saya tak mau jawab ?"
Mystery caller : "Terpulang pada Encik la.."
Me : "Saya tak mau jawab.."
Mystery caller : "Terpulang la.." toott..toott..toott.. she hung up

I had been receiving this kind of call lately. This is the 2nd time. The 1st one is from a guy. May be they thought that I would be 'cair' if the caller would be a lady. That's why they try again. They are calling from 016x number. I don't know what they are up to but my approached to this kind of call is simple. You don't waste my time, I won't waste yours. I will listen and not respond to any query that requires me to provide any of my personal info.. on the phone!

Thanks for calling! Your call are not welcome..

Note : I wonder what is their motive here!


(Nokia 2730 classic - Nokia.com.my)

On one fine evening..

Emak : "Susah betul la nak talipon korang (anak-anak). Rumah ni tak ada talipon. Kalau apa-apa hal susah.."
My Lil Sister (4th) : "Tu la.. nak amik talipon rumah pun tak guna, dok rumah sewa.. nanti dah nak pindah."
Me : "Emm.. nak pakai handphone ke ?"
Emak : "Ikut korang la.."
Me : "Tengok la nanti macamana. Along try tengok dulu.."

MISSION STATEMENT : To get Emak a handphone & a registered number

Two days later..

Location : Nokia booth at KLCC

Salesperson : "Yes, Sir ? looking for a handphone ?"
Me : "Ya. I nak cari untuk my mother. Tak payah fancy-fancy".
Salesperson : "Any model yang you nak cari ?"
Me : "I pun tak sure. I cari yang senang guna, budget rendah dan TULISAN BESAR.."
Salesperson : "OK. Macamana dengan yang ini ? ".

The salesperson show me a model priced at RM500++. A slide-kind of model

Me : "Wah.. canggih sangat tu. Slide-slide ni tak minat la.." (hidden translation.. mahal !)
Salesperson : "OK. how about this one. Murah sikit dan tulisannya memang sangat besar. Senang nak tengok."
Me : "Emm.. can I have a closer look ?" (hidden translation.. ok it's on my budget)

The salesperson took one from the drawer.

Salesperson : "Here you go"

I took a look and belek-belek the handphone and with some convincing words from the salesperson..

Me : "OK. this one.."
Salesperson : "OK. pls follow me to the counter"

Once at the counter..

Salesperson : "This is how to put in the sim card.. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..".

The salesperson explained in details on the 'How to use.. bla.. bla.. bla'. I just pretended to hear with no real interest. All that important to me is the handphone can make a call. Period.

Salesperson : "How are you going to pay ? Cash or Credit card ?"
Me : "Credit card please".
Salesperson : "OK. By the way, how is your E72 ?"

He still remember me from the week before in which I bought my E72 at the same booth

Me : "OK" (hidden translation.. I haven't read the manual yet. I just know how to make call and sms only

After a few minutes and some signatures.. the handphone changed hand.

The next day.. I went to Celcom, Jalan Ampang and registered for a new number as well as upgrading mine to 3G all access.

Two days later..

Me : "Mak.. ini handphone Along dah belikan dan registerkan line."
Emak : "Terima kasih.."
My Lil Sister (2nd) : "Wah.. seronoknya" (hidden translation.. boleh guna untuk buat call sebab Along yang bayar)
Me : "Ehem.. ehem.. tidak dibenarkan di salah guna ye.."
Emak : "Macamana nak guna ni ?"
Me : "Ala.. suruh la budak-budak ni ajarkan.."
Emak : "Ye la.. terima kasih."

Emak had never use a handphone before. After 62 years, finally she got a handphone that she can claimed as hers.


Note : The script had been added with some sugar & spices to make it more presentable..




Note : Italy is my favourite after Brasil.. what a waste!

24 Jun 2010



Thierry Henry, Franck Ribery, William Gallas, Nicolas Anelka, Patrice Evra, Florant Malouda, Hugo Lloris, Eric Abidal.. just to mention some of the lots of household talented players in France's World Cup squad. Their problem is = Raymond Domenech.. The Coach and The Ego.. Players' Ego. The French were unable to play as a unit, to perform and bring out the best of each player. The consequences was well documented. They were out of the World Cup 2010 at group stage!

The French come to South Africa with high hope to go all the way with the impressive list of talents they got at their disposal. The result are very much disappointing, considering their group consists of South Africa (rank : 83), Uruguay (rank : 16) & Mexico (rank : 17). For record, France are ranked at 9. FIFA full ranking click here


To make things worst, the players had refused to train 48 hours before the final match against South Africa in protest to the decision to send Nicolas Anelka home after burst up with the Coach, Raymond Domenech. The revolt was lead by the senior player in the shape of Patrice Evra, who is the France Captain. Evra also had a heated verbal exchanged with the fitness coach. The team director had also resigned.

The France misery were deepened when they were defeated (also click here) in the final game against the South African, who ranked 74 places below them! To make matter worst, the Coach - Raymond Domenech had refused to handshake with Carlos Alberto Parreira (South Africa Coach). The reason behind it was Carlos Alberto's earlier comment on the nature of France qualification for the tournament by the virtue of Thierry Henry's handball that leading to the winning goal scored by William Gallas against the Republic of Ireland (during qualifying play-off match).


The Raymond Domenech era had marked a turbulent time in France Football history. With all the talents he got at his disposal, he miserably failed to deliver (although, they actually when to the World Cup final 2006 where they lost to the Italian on penalty).

The burden to turn around the France's fortune will next be in the hand of Messrs Laurent Blanc, who will take over the team and the messed left behind to be cleaned. Fingers cross.


Note : French toast anyone ?



Yesterday I was on leave. Today, not much urgent matter in the office.. so, I try a blog hopping.. hop from one blog to another starting from my lovely wife's blog first, of course. One after another and another and another..

I found it strange and bemused by the 'openness' of the entry of some of the blogs that I had gone thru. Most of them had registered a high followers and they had started blogging since a couple of years back. Every entry, normally, will carry with them at least about 10 to 20 comment from their followers. Even though, mostly the comment was from the same circle of people which I believed very close to the blog owner.

I believed those 'stories' are of their daily life or at the very least of their observation and of their thought. But, the way those 'thought' being written made me wonder are they for real ? or, did the story(ies) had already being added with some sugar and spices just to make it super-sweet and super-hot to pull others to read and come all over again. Even so, I found it interesting enough and it sound 'natural' to them.

After all, that is their blog and their stories and they may write whatever they feel fit and right for the sake of their self satisfaction. Everyone had their own interpretation and opinion..

Knowledge is Power!

21 Jun 2010




1) The word originated from IsiZulu language, one of the 11 official languages of the Republic of South Africa.

2) It's actually a ball used for FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament in South Africa

3) Brand Adidas

4) Jabulani design is influenced by the diversity of South Africa.

  • 11 distinct tribes in South Africa (Shangaan, Zulu, Xhosa, Venda, Tswana, Tsonga, Swazi, Sotho, Ndebele, Khoisan, Afrikaner)
  • 11 official languages (Afrikaans, English, IsiNdebele, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, SiSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga)
  • 11 players in a football team

Therefore, to honour all that, Adidas used 11 colours on the ball and a graphic image that
represents the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg
  • This is the 11th time Adidas became the official World Cup ball
  • World Cup 2010 kicked-off on 11th of June 2010
  • And the final will be on 11th of July 2010


5) Made in China
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane-elastomer (TPU) TPU 0.3 mm - Manufactured in Taiwan
  • Latex bladder - Manufactured in India
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) EVA 3.5 mm - Manufactured in China
  • Isotropic polyester/cotton fabric - Manufactured in China
  • Glue - Manufactured in China
  • Ink (11 colours) - Manufactured in China
Well, that's sure is Truly Asia.

To date, the Jabulani had attracted a mixed review from the players, notably goalkeepers and strikers. Some unfortunate goalkeepers had been on the bad receiving end of the Jabulani.

Goalkeeper nightmare :

Based on my observation, the ball have the tendency to curve upwards when kicked with high force. If the shot bounced on the ground one or two feet in front of the keeper, it tends to move or swerved a little bit which make keeper's judgment inaccurate and difficult to handle. Many experienced, top class, keeper would palm away the ball or at least they would make sure that their body is on the way to block the ball should it skidded passed their palm.

Jabulani victim :

Robert Green, England (vs USA). click here - The goalkeeper had a nightmare on his World Cup debut when a shot on goal that is seem save-able, skidded his palm and the Jabulani rolled agonisingly into
an empty net.

Faouzi Chaouchi, Algeria (vs Slovenia) - The goalkeeper thought he had it covered when a speculative shot by Robert Koren from outside of the box towards goal. Instead, the Jabulani swerved away from his hand into the goal

Richard Kingson, Ghana (vs Australia) - A free-kick shot from outside of the box bounced a couple of feet in front of the goalkeeper who think he had it covered, but the ball bounced awkwardly off the goalkeeper body into the path of opposition player, who then scored.

Free-kick takers nightmare :

World Cup always produced a wonder goal from a free-kick takers. But, not with Jabulani.. the proper word is.. not yet. The free kick up until now always going wide or ballooning pass the goal post without the goalkeeper even try to reach or dive for it. Out of 57 goals so far.. non are, to the best of my knowledge, scored from a free kick. That is unusual at the World Cup. It is a shame that David Beckham unable to pit his free kick skills against the Jabulani.

Having said that, some players had enjoyed a good return and scored some superb goal which mostly come from open play.

Super shot :

Riccardo Montolivo, Italy (vs New Zealand) - A low drive from outside of the box cannoned off the New Zealand left upright with goalkeeper already beaten and the defender hacked it into safety. A superb camera angle
revealed that, the Jabulani is actually curve inside towards goal and almost produced a very good goal.

Valter Birsa, Slovenia (vs USA) - he was allowed to turn and curling a superb shot past the helpless Tim Howard. The goalkeeper don't even bother to move. The Jabulani fly past the goalkeeper in a flash.

However, the number of goals for the 2nd round group match were kept increasing now as team started to take some risk. Surely, when players get their gripped with the Jabulani, there will be spectacular goal in store.

That would be excellent for a late night stay up spectator like me. VIVA!

Picture source : Wikipedia , ESPNSoccernet & Google

20 Jun 2010


What it meant to be a F.A.T.H.E.R for me..

1) I got my daughter to carry my name on hers

2) I got to be in the labour room and see it all as it happened

3) I got to 'basuh uri'

4) I got elevated title from 'a husband' to 'a husband + a father'

5) I can make use of my paternity leave

6) I got my family and friends to congratulate me of being a father

7) I can perform a 'majlis cukur jambul'

8) I got one extra birthday to celebrate each year

9) I got another mouth to feed

10) I can buy a baby car seat

11) I can buy a 'gelonsor'

12) I can go to the children section in the shopping complex/supermarket

13) I can buy a 'susu formula'

14) I can buy baby diapers

15) I can say "This is my daughter" to others

16) I got to watch every cartoon series that she wanted to watch.. together

17) I can teach her to learn A.. B.. C..

18) I can teach her to learn 'alif.. ba.. ta..'

19) I can teach her to sing 'nenek.. nenek.. si bongkok tiga'

20) I can teach her to learn how to ride a bike..

And, many many many many (x1000) more things that I can only imagine before she came into our life..

Thanks to ALLAH, I am grateful with HIS precious gift ! Alhamdulillah..

Note : Finally, my lovely wife got it right .. thanks for the wish..

19 Jun 2010



First week of the World Cup 2010 seen no upset until the last game of the first round where Spain were beaten by Switzerland. click here. Since then, there are series of upset on the 'traditional' football power house especially the European team.

Upset #1 : France (vs Mexico) - Group A, 17th June 2010

The WC2006 finalist is in danger of leaving the tournament at group stage after this defeat which leave them on 1 point from 2 games. A squad full of talented player but lacked of coordination and rarely played like a unit under their controversial coach Raymond Domenech. The coach was heavily criticised by their former legend Zidane for the way he conducted the team selection and tactical. Again, Thiery Henry was left on the bench and Anelka was deployed as a lone striker upfront. Ribery playing in the hole and rarely show the talent that he possess. He is supposed to be the linchpin of the team but again failed to delivered. Mexico looked comfortable enough as the scoreline suggested. The blame should be solely on Raymond Domenech !

Upset # 2 : Germany (vs Serbia) - Group D, 18th June 2010

Germany was so impressive in the first game against Australia (they won by 4 - 0). Many people starts to rave about their efficient yet clinical performance against the Aussies. But, Serbia is a different category. Their defends is so impressive during the qualifying marshaled by Nemanja Vidic. The downfall of Germany begun when Miroslave Klose, last tournament golden boot winner, was sent off for 2 bookable offenses. The second yellow card came on the 36th minutes. Germany was forced to play with 10 man for the rest of the game.

Soon after the Klose sending off, Serbia scores on the 37 minutes. A cross from the right by the impressive Krasic, headed by the tall figure of Zigic to the path of Jovanovic who had all the time to controlled the ball and poke it passed the goalkeeper Neuer into the net. 1 - 0 to Serbia. Although Serbia took a lead and had a one man advantage, the Germany still came forward with purposed in search for the equaliser.

Germany got a break in the 60th minutes when a moment of madness from Nemanja Vidic who intentionally handle the ball in the Serbian penalty box. Penalty. Lukas Podolski step up to take the penalty. Unfortunately, his effort was superbly saved by the Serbian goalkeeper. Podolski had a forgettable night where he also misses a handful of chances in front of goal. In the end, Germany had run out of ideas and tiredness starts to took the effect on their players. The games finished 1 - 0 in favour to the Serbian. Although Germany lost this game but they should be able to pull it thru to the next round. Their next game is against the Ghanaian. The coach, Joachim Loew, had a frustrating time both on the missed chances and the referee decision.

Upset #3 : England (vs Algeria) - Group C, 18th June 2010

A draw shouldn't be categorised as an upset. However, I picked this result as an upset due to the 'supposedly superior' England lacked of composure and invention to overcome the Algerian. On paper, this game should be the easiest in this group. But, the Algerian had other idea. They played with the 5-4-1 formation with the full utilisation of the wing-back position and the wide player. Due to the system employed, the Algerian manage to swamped the midfield and made it hard for Gerrard-Lampard-Barry to took controlled. The Algerian also a pace more quicker than the English.

England managed to create some good chances but the Algerian keeper & defenders were equal to it. Rooney had, again, a poor game and rarely got the chance to threaten the Algerian goal. 'Captain Courageous' Steven Gerrard again left frustrated with the result. He seems trying to hard himself. Carragher picked up a yellow card, his 2nd for the tournament, and will miss the next deciding game against the impressive Slovenia. Capello was obviously frustrated with the result; given that England qualifying campaign was very good and decisive. The form was not on show in the proper tournament. Overall, England game was poor and it surely frustrated for England faithful. They must step up and beat the Slovenian to avoid the embarrassment of going home early.


Note : So far, the Argentine looks impressive and clinical in their group stage..

Picture source : ESPNSoccernet & ESPNStar

18 Jun 2010



First time I heard of it is from a close friend of mine who working at an MPH Bookstore. He told me, it is the hottest selling book(s) in town. None of it interest me though as I consider myself 'allergic' to books. Book(s) never interest me in any way. If I had to read a book, it is not because I love doing it.. it is purely reading sebab terpaksa or to kill some spare time or the worst of it, I read for the sake of reading only - a non-stick to me.

Out of a sudden, a Twilight fever struck my wife. I don't know where does it came from but obviously she got addicted to it. She finished the first book within a week or so! and, there were 498 pages written in English! Apparently, she got the fever when she stumbled upon a Twilight movie on Astro 413. It is well documented that my wife will be 'magnetised' to any kind of Vampire-related story, not the brutal kind.. but the love-story-related-kind-of-story. From then, off we go to the MPH Bookstore and she grabbed all that is possible from the series. Unfortunately, the Eclipse was not available. One day, I went to KLCC to watch the "Rempit V3" alone and immediately she asked me to buy the Eclipse. I when to Kinokuniya and grabbed her one.

How on earth the fever creep into me ? Well, I went to work by a public transport and along the way, obviously, there will be many spare time that I need to kill off. At that time, my wife was already 3/4 way of the book 2, the New Moon. I grabbed the Twilight and started reading it exclusively during my public-transport-travelling-time. As I counted it, I will be able to read about 10 pages per trip. And, that will count into 20 pages per day on working day. By those calculation, I should finished the book by.. ermmm.. 498pages divided by 20 pages per day = 24.9 working days! WOW, that should killed a lot of time!

I can't remember when is exactly did I finished the Twilight book, then I jumped to the New Moon book, then the Eclipse book.. by this time, my wife had stopped her reading out of a sudden. What happened was, we watched a New Moon movie and she had found that the movie lacked details as in the books. Many part on the book was not on show. And, expecting the new coming Eclipse movie she had put the reading on hold (yet to re-start.. enjin belum panas kot?). After I finished the Eclipse, which at my standard was pretty quick, I continued with the Breaking Dawn book. And, here I am.. already completed the whole saga - Twilight (498 pages), New Moon (563 pages), Eclipse (629 pages) and Breaking Dawn (756 pages) - a total of 2446 pages in approx. 3 months. As I am no-book-reading-lover, that should be a new record for me!

When I first started reading the Saga, I thought the story would be violent, full of blood and action pack where the Vampire when on to terrorising the human race into extinction. To my amusement, it is, indeed, a soul searching love story to the mould of Romeo and Juliet! All stories are evolved around a girl named Bella whom had a separated parent. She finally decided to stay with her father in Forks, some remote country-like-small-town. No that she knew, at first, there are Vampires living, unnoticed, amongst the human - The Cullens - whom feed themselves with 'vampire's vegetarian diet' which is the animal blood. Edwards Cullen attracted her curiosity and the story really kicked off from there..

The difference between the Vampire in Twilight Saga and the Vampire that we live to 'believed' is that they will not burned into ashes when exposed to the sun. Instead, their skin will glitter-like-a-diamond-expose-to-the-light. That's a new one. Good move by the author on creating a 'new-kind' of Vampire persona. The rest of it is just like the Vampire that we would expected, the white skin, cold blooded, extremely gorgeous, very strong, quick movement etc. In addition, some of the Vampires do have special ability like - Edwards (mind reader), Alice (future teller), Jasper (mood controller) etc.


The twist in myth in the book also includes the Werewolf. Not the kind of Werewolf did we know, this is the good kind. Their main job is to protect the human. Vampire(s) are their enemy and their existence is purely provoked by the existence of the Vampire around their 'guarded place' - La Push. They are not 'made' by get bitten by other Werewolf, instead it is in their blood. The Werewolf pack, at first, was lead by Sam Uley - the descendant of the Alpha - as he is the first one of the pack to 'phase', albeit it is of lower hierarchy of Jacob Black. Jacob Black is the main character in the Werewolf pack as he is the descendant of the true Alpha of the Werewolf - Ephraim Black.

The villains in this story are some loose controlled Vampires, namely James, Victoria & Lauren. Also, the 'newborn'. The Volturi is the 'King' of the Vampires, some sort of royal-like status, in which they are the one whom doing the judgment and prosecuting the Vampires that had put the Vampire's existence in danger. There are rules being set by them. One of it is, the Vampire existence must be kept secret from the human no matter what. Those disobedient will be prosecuted with 'death' penalty.

Argghh.. this entry is too long already. If interested to know more, why don't you read it by yourself.


Overall, I would give a thumbs up and eagerly anticipated for the Eclipse movie this month or next month (summer blockbuster).

Personally, I think Eclipse is the best book of the 4..

Note : Now that I had completed the Saga, wonder what next in the agenda to kill-off my public-transport-traveling-time..

17 Jun 2010


Spain tagged as favourite in this year World Cup was STUNNED by the Swiss in a group H match last night. I would like to add some comment on the team performance. Previous comment click here.

Team : Spain

Group : H

Played against : Switzerland (16th June 2010)

The Spaniard conquered the game and put together a great passing game earlier on. The Swiss had hardly kick a ball for the first 15 minutes! At some point, Spain possession of the ball is calculated at more than 70%. However, they failed to convert the possession into total domination where there was lacked of goal mouth action. The first half action continued in similar fashion and the score stayed at 0 - 0.

Spain came out for the 2nd half full of determination and with purpose. More and more pressing to the Swiss goal but to the Swiss credit, they held their nerved and defends in number. The moment of the goal is a 'route one tactic'. The excellent goalkeeper, Diego Benaglio, kicked the ball high up field and met by Eren Derdiyok, who, with a slice of luck, took the ball pass Puyol and towards Spain goal. Iker Casillas got on the way of Derdiyok's attempt on goal, but the ball fell into Gelson Fernandes path. His shot was brilliantly blocked by Pique but bounced of the defender awkwardly in the penalty box. Gelson Fernandes took a gamble and reacted the fastest to poke the ball into the empty net. GOAL !

Spain 0 - 1 Switzerland, although the scoreline is hard to believe.. the match ended with the Spaniard ponder how on earth did they'd lost that match!

In my opinion, the problem with Spain is too much passing outside the penalty box, and lacked of goalmouth action. The choice of using David Villa as a lone striker had not worked out the way Del Bosque intended it to be. I believed, they should have Llorente (because Torres was not 100%) partnered with David Villa. Llorente would cause the Swiss defender problem in the air and allow Villa some space to be exploited. Instead, Del Bosque had choose David Silva, Villa's teammate at club level, to roaming in the 'hole'.

The vulnerability of Spain's defends is always a suspect. The team is full of stars, but they lacked calibre in the centre of the defend - Puyol & Pique are not the best of centreback partnership around. They have Machena and Albiol in reserved, but, I don't really rate both of them highly. Puyol & Pique choosen ahead of Machena & Albiol possibly due to the fact, they played together at club level.

What when wrong ?

1) Tactic. Spain should play a 4-4-2 setup and provide David Villa with a strike partner in order to opened up some space for him. Since Torres is not 100%, they should go with Fernando Llorente instead. He will cause some problem to the Swiss defends on the air and the gap would be Villa's to exploit. Del Bosque had choose David Silva instead to roam across the hole behind the main striker. The 4 in midfield should be Busquets (defensive midfielder), Xavi (midfielder - playmaker), Iniesta (left midfield) and David Silva (right midfield). Xabi Alonso should be left on the bench (although his performance is actually no that bad).

2) Passing game. They had over-done it ! The majority of the passing game were on the midfield area orchestrated by Xavi, Alonso & Iniesta. The pass more to the sideways rather than forward where it can hurt the Swiss guard for opportunity on goal. Having said that, afterall, they only have David Villa to aim for in the box and he's not the best of a header. In addition, the Swiss penalty area already being crowded by the excellent, well discipline Swiss defender and there is hardly space to maneuver. The Spaniard should shoot on goal more often to put some nervous moment into the opposition defender.

This is not the end of Spain though. There are two more, certainly, win-able games against Honduras & Chile. They have no choice now, they have to win both games if they are to be the first Spaniard to win the World Cup. It is time for Spain to step up and live up to the expectation.


Note : Hats off to the Swiss..

Picture source : ESPNSoccernet & ESPNStar