25 Jun 2010


(Nokia 2730 classic - Nokia.com.my)

On one fine evening..

Emak : "Susah betul la nak talipon korang (anak-anak). Rumah ni tak ada talipon. Kalau apa-apa hal susah.."
My Lil Sister (4th) : "Tu la.. nak amik talipon rumah pun tak guna, dok rumah sewa.. nanti dah nak pindah."
Me : "Emm.. nak pakai handphone ke ?"
Emak : "Ikut korang la.."
Me : "Tengok la nanti macamana. Along try tengok dulu.."

MISSION STATEMENT : To get Emak a handphone & a registered number

Two days later..

Location : Nokia booth at KLCC

Salesperson : "Yes, Sir ? looking for a handphone ?"
Me : "Ya. I nak cari untuk my mother. Tak payah fancy-fancy".
Salesperson : "Any model yang you nak cari ?"
Me : "I pun tak sure. I cari yang senang guna, budget rendah dan TULISAN BESAR.."
Salesperson : "OK. Macamana dengan yang ini ? ".

The salesperson show me a model priced at RM500++. A slide-kind of model

Me : "Wah.. canggih sangat tu. Slide-slide ni tak minat la.." (hidden translation.. mahal !)
Salesperson : "OK. how about this one. Murah sikit dan tulisannya memang sangat besar. Senang nak tengok."
Me : "Emm.. can I have a closer look ?" (hidden translation.. ok it's on my budget)

The salesperson took one from the drawer.

Salesperson : "Here you go"

I took a look and belek-belek the handphone and with some convincing words from the salesperson..

Me : "OK. this one.."
Salesperson : "OK. pls follow me to the counter"

Once at the counter..

Salesperson : "This is how to put in the sim card.. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..".

The salesperson explained in details on the 'How to use.. bla.. bla.. bla'. I just pretended to hear with no real interest. All that important to me is the handphone can make a call. Period.

Salesperson : "How are you going to pay ? Cash or Credit card ?"
Me : "Credit card please".
Salesperson : "OK. By the way, how is your E72 ?"

He still remember me from the week before in which I bought my E72 at the same booth

Me : "OK" (hidden translation.. I haven't read the manual yet. I just know how to make call and sms only

After a few minutes and some signatures.. the handphone changed hand.

The next day.. I went to Celcom, Jalan Ampang and registered for a new number as well as upgrading mine to 3G all access.

Two days later..

Me : "Mak.. ini handphone Along dah belikan dan registerkan line."
Emak : "Terima kasih.."
My Lil Sister (2nd) : "Wah.. seronoknya" (hidden translation.. boleh guna untuk buat call sebab Along yang bayar)
Me : "Ehem.. ehem.. tidak dibenarkan di salah guna ye.."
Emak : "Macamana nak guna ni ?"
Me : "Ala.. suruh la budak-budak ni ajarkan.."
Emak : "Ye la.. terima kasih."

Emak had never use a handphone before. After 62 years, finally she got a handphone that she can claimed as hers.


Note : The script had been added with some sugar & spices to make it more presentable..

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