15 Jun 2010


An annoying plastic trumpet ? Well, it depends on where are you coming from. Anyone who enjoy watching the Football World Cup 2010 would certainly being bothered by the "non-stop-loud-horn-like" sound that being produced by the Vuvuzela. It make the match day atmosphere feel weird and out of this world, that is, if you are coming from outside of Africa.

Personally, I found it irritating. Furthermore, the commentator nowadays work alone (possibly due to budget issue) and the tendency to get bored is very high due to no variation in voice as other noises from the stadium being swamped by the Vuvuzela sound. We hardly can hear the spectator's voice, the song they sung, the 'Uuuhhhh' & the 'Arrhhhh' when the player misses good chances. All that can be heard, constantly, is the 'vuvuzela' sound.. like a bzzzz of millions of bees!

Hey, wait.. how loud actually this Vuvuzela is ?

Gordon Bell of Reuters write :

"......The tests, conducted late last month in a sound-proof studio, found the vuvuzela emitted 127 decibels, more than the air horn -- 123.5 decibels -- and the Brazil's samba drums. A referee's whistle was fourth while the cowbell, a favourite in Switzerland and Austria, trailed at 114.9 decibels."

Info from Wikipedia said :

"A new model, however, announced on 14 June 2010, has a modified mouthpiece which is claimed to reduce the volume by 20 dB."

Be it 127 decibels or reduced by 20 decibels, the noise is unbearable and to be honest the atmosphere doesn't sound good in the television! Aren't they even get tired trumpeting for the whole 90 minutes ?

Wonder how much does it cost to make such a noise ?

A quick checked on the merchandise website selling the Vuvuzela, it priced at as high as 60 Rand = RM 25.59 per unit !

Complaint all you might, after all, this is the African World Cup. What make it an African World Cup if the local tradition being omitted ?

Therefore, let's just enjoy the football game..

Note : Right now, Portugal vs Ivory Coast..

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