29 Jun 2010


The Argentinian had quickly established themselves as favourite in this year tournament. Their form were superb in which they had won all their matches so far, convincingly. This scenario is in contrast to their qualifying campaign form where they had struggled to qualify, only doing so on the last game of the South American qualifying group.

Coach by the Great Maradona, they really show their talent and peak at the right time in this year tournament. Argentina scored the most number of goals so far and their striker, Higuain, top of the Golden Boot chart with 4 goals. Their team possesses arguably the most feared attacking play lead by the Football of The Year, 5ft 6in, Lionel Messi. Others on the attacking line up are Higuain, Tevez, Aguero, Millito and Angel Di Maria.


En route to the quarterfinal, they had defeated Nigeria (ranked : 21), South Korea (ranked : 47), Greece (ranked : 13) & Mexico (ranked : 17). Fifa ranking. Their quarterfinal opponent is Germany, who thrashed hopeless England in their respective 2nd round match. The fixture sure will provide fireworks as both teams had scored the most in this year competition with Argentina scored 10, Germany scored 9. A Slick Argentine vs the Discipline Troops of the German.

Should they get past the Germany, barring of any upset in other matches, the Spaniard will be awaiting them in the semifinal. WOW! What a match..


Note : I think I should start an entry on Brasil soon emm..

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