30 Jun 2010




After Rafael Benitez (former team manager) got the boot, Liverpool FC had actively searching for the replacement. A flurry of names being mentioned and put in the hat. Dalglish, O'Niell, Hodgson, Deschamp, Rijkaard, Erickson and a few others being mentioned as the possible replacement. And today, if the 'news' is to be believed, the Liverpool FC board had decided that they will offer the job to ROY HODGSON - the Fulham manager. click here

My personal view :

Possibly, the choice is relatively the 'cheaper' option for Liverpool FC based on the pedigree Hodgson shows while managing small club, tight budget with decent players. This is because Liverpool FC being heavily burdened by the 300++ million in debt incurred to the club when the Owners, some no-football-brainer-dude from USA, borrowed the money to buy the club a few years back. They came with some 'glittering reputation' and promised the moon and the stars, but failed to deliver. The new stadium still on the drawing board, not to mention the number of 'design adjustment' (hidden translation.. cost cutting!) that had been made to the original plan. The cash in offering to bring in new world class player had since dried up. Instead the debt keep on piling up like a case file in the PDRM & SPRM offices. Liverpool FC had never recovered from the debt situation since!

This news is a disappointment to me. Personally, I don't hate Hodgson. Really. It just that, his pedigree does not matched the club as big as Liverpool FC is. The least that I would expect is, the return of the Liverpool's prodigal son, the last manager to bring the league title to Anfield, the player that the fans vote as Liverpool finest in club's century history - KENNY DALGLISH - to take over the job and propel Liverpool FC to the top, where it belongs. Until the news is published in the LIVERPOOL FC official site - fingers cross - I hope this is just a 'rumours'. However, by the look of things and the paper that published the 'rumours' - Liverpool Echo - I think the 'rumours' is as good as a 'news'.

Hodgson was voted the Manager Of The Year by the League Managers Association last season (09/10). And, he managed to guide Fulham to the Final of Europa Cup for the first time in their history. But, that doesn't convinced me.. yet. Hopefully, he will be able to win his doubters.. the fans, like me, over and bring back the glory days to Anfield as well as ended The KOP craved of the English Premier League Champion trophy.

Fingers cross and hoping that there will be lights at the end of the tunnel.


Note : Pls.. pls.. keep Torres and Gerrard at Anfield !

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