30 Jun 2010



"Go on.. go on.. with hope.. in your heart.. and you'll never walk alone.. you'll never walk.. alone.."

My handphone rang to the tune of "You'll Never Walk Alone" - Liverpool FC anthem..

Me : "Huh! siapa pulak yang call time-time mengular ni..".

I picked up the call..

Me : "Halo..". answered with my usual stern hard voice
Caller : "Can I speak to En Pala?"
Me : "Ya"
Caller : "I am calling from a syarikat insurance (nama sebenar dirahsiakan)".
Me : "Emm.."
Caller : "Since Encik is a good customer to Astro, we are going to offer an insurance pakage to you.."
Me : "Currently, saya dah ada insurance.. buat apa nak ambik lagi ?".
Caller : "Encik, boleh berikan saya lima minit untuk berikan penerangan ?".
Me : "OK. 5 minit"
Caller : "OK. There are 2 packages yang kita nak offer pada Encik. Yang pertama, coverage sehingga RM30K for six months dan tidak perlu bayar premium apa2. Kami terus activatekan untuk Encik.."
Me : "Emm.. Ya"
Caller : "2nd package, coverage up to half a million but this one come with small monthly payable. The benifits.. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..". He stressed on the word half a million

He kept explaining on and on and on.. I was patiently listening but not really paying any attention to it. I just kept answering "Ya..", "Emm.." & "OK.." to kept the conversation alive.

Caller : "bla.. bla.. bla.. bla.. . So, macamana Encik ? Do you want me to registerkan untuk you for the 2nd package ? There is no obligation or what so ever"
Me : "Emm.."
Caller : "Package ini bagus.. walaupun Encik dah claim dengan your first insurance, you can claim it again with us dengan hanya providing the photostate copy of the bills"
Me : "Sorry. saya tak nak membebankan my financial situation.."

But he kept trying his luck to push the deal thru..

Caller : "Not many insurance company yang offer macam ni. Normally, mereka akan minta original bill untuk tujuan tuntutan. Dengan kami, hanya perlukan photostate copy sahaja"
Caller : "Maknanya, Encik boleh buat double claims. Dan, kalau company Encik sudah cover, kami akan bayar juga.."
Me : "Tadi you kata 'no obligation' kan ?"
Caller : "Yes. But this is a good offer for you..". Kept trying on his luck..
Me : "You kata 'no obligation'.. so, saya kata saya tak nak sign up.. "

I stayed firmed to my decision.. and he gave up. Possibly trapped with his own word of 'no obligation'.

Caller : "OK then. If that is the case, I just sign you up for the first package. We will send you the document once ready".
Caller : "Thank you for your time.."
Me : "OK".

He hung up the phone..

Until today (it is already about a month or so), I haven't received any kind of document for the so call 'free insurance coverage of RM30K for six month'!

Thanks.. but no thanks. Your call are not welcome.

Lesson learned : Promoter will say anything to persuade Buyer to buy, but in the end we (Buyer) should evaluate and stay firm with our decision..

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