18 Jun 2010



First time I heard of it is from a close friend of mine who working at an MPH Bookstore. He told me, it is the hottest selling book(s) in town. None of it interest me though as I consider myself 'allergic' to books. Book(s) never interest me in any way. If I had to read a book, it is not because I love doing it.. it is purely reading sebab terpaksa or to kill some spare time or the worst of it, I read for the sake of reading only - a non-stick to me.

Out of a sudden, a Twilight fever struck my wife. I don't know where does it came from but obviously she got addicted to it. She finished the first book within a week or so! and, there were 498 pages written in English! Apparently, she got the fever when she stumbled upon a Twilight movie on Astro 413. It is well documented that my wife will be 'magnetised' to any kind of Vampire-related story, not the brutal kind.. but the love-story-related-kind-of-story. From then, off we go to the MPH Bookstore and she grabbed all that is possible from the series. Unfortunately, the Eclipse was not available. One day, I went to KLCC to watch the "Rempit V3" alone and immediately she asked me to buy the Eclipse. I when to Kinokuniya and grabbed her one.

How on earth the fever creep into me ? Well, I went to work by a public transport and along the way, obviously, there will be many spare time that I need to kill off. At that time, my wife was already 3/4 way of the book 2, the New Moon. I grabbed the Twilight and started reading it exclusively during my public-transport-travelling-time. As I counted it, I will be able to read about 10 pages per trip. And, that will count into 20 pages per day on working day. By those calculation, I should finished the book by.. ermmm.. 498pages divided by 20 pages per day = 24.9 working days! WOW, that should killed a lot of time!

I can't remember when is exactly did I finished the Twilight book, then I jumped to the New Moon book, then the Eclipse book.. by this time, my wife had stopped her reading out of a sudden. What happened was, we watched a New Moon movie and she had found that the movie lacked details as in the books. Many part on the book was not on show. And, expecting the new coming Eclipse movie she had put the reading on hold (yet to re-start.. enjin belum panas kot?). After I finished the Eclipse, which at my standard was pretty quick, I continued with the Breaking Dawn book. And, here I am.. already completed the whole saga - Twilight (498 pages), New Moon (563 pages), Eclipse (629 pages) and Breaking Dawn (756 pages) - a total of 2446 pages in approx. 3 months. As I am no-book-reading-lover, that should be a new record for me!

When I first started reading the Saga, I thought the story would be violent, full of blood and action pack where the Vampire when on to terrorising the human race into extinction. To my amusement, it is, indeed, a soul searching love story to the mould of Romeo and Juliet! All stories are evolved around a girl named Bella whom had a separated parent. She finally decided to stay with her father in Forks, some remote country-like-small-town. No that she knew, at first, there are Vampires living, unnoticed, amongst the human - The Cullens - whom feed themselves with 'vampire's vegetarian diet' which is the animal blood. Edwards Cullen attracted her curiosity and the story really kicked off from there..

The difference between the Vampire in Twilight Saga and the Vampire that we live to 'believed' is that they will not burned into ashes when exposed to the sun. Instead, their skin will glitter-like-a-diamond-expose-to-the-light. That's a new one. Good move by the author on creating a 'new-kind' of Vampire persona. The rest of it is just like the Vampire that we would expected, the white skin, cold blooded, extremely gorgeous, very strong, quick movement etc. In addition, some of the Vampires do have special ability like - Edwards (mind reader), Alice (future teller), Jasper (mood controller) etc.


The twist in myth in the book also includes the Werewolf. Not the kind of Werewolf did we know, this is the good kind. Their main job is to protect the human. Vampire(s) are their enemy and their existence is purely provoked by the existence of the Vampire around their 'guarded place' - La Push. They are not 'made' by get bitten by other Werewolf, instead it is in their blood. The Werewolf pack, at first, was lead by Sam Uley - the descendant of the Alpha - as he is the first one of the pack to 'phase', albeit it is of lower hierarchy of Jacob Black. Jacob Black is the main character in the Werewolf pack as he is the descendant of the true Alpha of the Werewolf - Ephraim Black.

The villains in this story are some loose controlled Vampires, namely James, Victoria & Lauren. Also, the 'newborn'. The Volturi is the 'King' of the Vampires, some sort of royal-like status, in which they are the one whom doing the judgment and prosecuting the Vampires that had put the Vampire's existence in danger. There are rules being set by them. One of it is, the Vampire existence must be kept secret from the human no matter what. Those disobedient will be prosecuted with 'death' penalty.

Argghh.. this entry is too long already. If interested to know more, why don't you read it by yourself.


Overall, I would give a thumbs up and eagerly anticipated for the Eclipse movie this month or next month (summer blockbuster).

Personally, I think Eclipse is the best book of the 4..

Note : Now that I had completed the Saga, wonder what next in the agenda to kill-off my public-transport-traveling-time..

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