12 Jun 2010



Surprise, surprise... finally, I had decided to give this 'blogging thing' a try. Not that I had too many things to write about, just to share my opinion, my thought and everything that had happened around me in between the earth and the sky. Hopefully, this entry would be the first of many, many more to come..

Although I had never been close to start any blog earlier, I do came across some very interesting blogs somewhere in the net that kept my thought of starting my own. They are, I believed, an ordinary people who are doing it just for fun and sharing their 'life' and 'story' with friends and the whole world; hoping that someone may get something useful out of things that they had written about. Long gone the day when we kept our 'life' and 'story' in a diary and hiding it under the pillow, so that nobody would be able to read and make fun of what we had been written. The world had changed and blogger now see the blogging world as a good place to express their feeling as well as a place they can share something meaningful. What a surprise!

Note : As I am writing this, the World Cup 2010 is on the way.. Viva Brasil !

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