24 Jun 2010



Yesterday I was on leave. Today, not much urgent matter in the office.. so, I try a blog hopping.. hop from one blog to another starting from my lovely wife's blog first, of course. One after another and another and another..

I found it strange and bemused by the 'openness' of the entry of some of the blogs that I had gone thru. Most of them had registered a high followers and they had started blogging since a couple of years back. Every entry, normally, will carry with them at least about 10 to 20 comment from their followers. Even though, mostly the comment was from the same circle of people which I believed very close to the blog owner.

I believed those 'stories' are of their daily life or at the very least of their observation and of their thought. But, the way those 'thought' being written made me wonder are they for real ? or, did the story(ies) had already being added with some sugar and spices just to make it super-sweet and super-hot to pull others to read and come all over again. Even so, I found it interesting enough and it sound 'natural' to them.

After all, that is their blog and their stories and they may write whatever they feel fit and right for the sake of their self satisfaction. Everyone had their own interpretation and opinion..

Knowledge is Power!

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