20 Jun 2010


What it meant to be a F.A.T.H.E.R for me..

1) I got my daughter to carry my name on hers

2) I got to be in the labour room and see it all as it happened

3) I got to 'basuh uri'

4) I got elevated title from 'a husband' to 'a husband + a father'

5) I can make use of my paternity leave

6) I got my family and friends to congratulate me of being a father

7) I can perform a 'majlis cukur jambul'

8) I got one extra birthday to celebrate each year

9) I got another mouth to feed

10) I can buy a baby car seat

11) I can buy a 'gelonsor'

12) I can go to the children section in the shopping complex/supermarket

13) I can buy a 'susu formula'

14) I can buy baby diapers

15) I can say "This is my daughter" to others

16) I got to watch every cartoon series that she wanted to watch.. together

17) I can teach her to learn A.. B.. C..

18) I can teach her to learn 'alif.. ba.. ta..'

19) I can teach her to sing 'nenek.. nenek.. si bongkok tiga'

20) I can teach her to learn how to ride a bike..

And, many many many many (x1000) more things that I can only imagine before she came into our life..

Thanks to ALLAH, I am grateful with HIS precious gift ! Alhamdulillah..

Note : Finally, my lovely wife got it right .. thanks for the wish..

3 ulasan:

mastura rosni berkata...

hmm..tambahan lagi,

"I can clean her from wee-wee and poo-poo..."

Syigim berkata...

super sweet. :) your daughter is one lucky kid!

Pala.Maldini berkata...

TQ for the compliment.. errr... (speechless) *sigh*