11 Julai 2010


It's World Cup Final tonight (2:30am Malaysia time). After 63 matches being played for the last 29 days, we are finally into the most important day of the tournament - THE FINAL.

The final two are HOLLAND vs SPAIN.Both countries are yet to won any world cup title before this and been regarded as the two most popular footballing nation that never had won the world cup. The closest was Holland in the 70's. Tonight is the night to make history. One set of the players will be making history and forever become the 'footballing immortal' while the other set will be left to rue on their miss chances.

Paul the Octopus, the best predictor of the world cup results with 6/6 (that is 100%) now, had 'hand' pick the Spaniard to win the world cup. click here. Paul the Octopus is actually a 'German' and all predictions involving Germany so far were amazingly correct. Including the semi final game that Germany lost to Spain in which Paul the Octopus was actually choose Spain!

(Paul the Octopus prediction, Wikipedia)

And, for football fan like me, tonight will end our long and hard night throughout the last 29 days juggling between live football telecast and a punch clock at work. I won't be supporting any team tonight but I am looking forward for a very good game indeed (I support Brasil, remember ? huhuhu).

My prediction - the game will be controlled by Spain by passing around the ball in midfield while the Dutch will be compact at the back and trying to hit the Spaniard on counter attack.

Man to watch for Spain would be Andres Iniesta who love to make the penetrating run with the ball from midfield and David Villa for his predatory instinct in front of goal.

Man to watch for Holland would be Arjen Robben who plays on the right of the midfield. A battle with Capdevila (Spain's left back) would determine the outcome of the game. Should the Spaniard able to contain Robben, they will be able to keep the Dutch quiet throughout the match. This is important for Spain. The other one would be Wesley Sneijder, join tournament top scorer along side David Villa. He will orchestrate the Dutch attacking play from the middle.


I had given a thought of joining the world cup party at Dataran Merdeka tonight and watch from the big screen there while eating out the durian fest being set up by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is All-you-can-eat-for-RM15 only. There will be other fruit as well like the rambutan, langsat and few others on offering. Unfortunately, tomorrow will be a working day and it just not right for me to be at Dataran tonight.

Instead I choose the comfort of my living room and enjoy it alone, pretending that I am at the Johanesburg with millions of football fan focusing only on the game. I had made my preparation by taking my long 'nap' almost the whole of today's afternoon. Also, with Ayamas Drummet (extra hot) & Wall's Ice Cream (vanilla with chocolate sauce). Definitely, there will also be a big mug of hot black Hang Tuah coffee to keep me awake.

Fingers cross. May the better team win!

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