02 Julai 2010



During my schooling days, all I know about Brasil is that they had the best football team in the world and won the World Cup the most number of time. And, one of the city is Rio De Janeiro. That's it. Although I had been supporting Brasil football team since whenever it is (I can't really recalled), I don't even bother to know anything about the country itself except for those footballers coming from there. Pele, Zico, Socrates, Rai, Dunga, Romario, Bebeto, Rivaldo, Ronaldo bla.. bla.. bla.. up until the latest crops of young generation of Brasilian in the shape of Kaka, Robinho and co.

I'd been doing some google on Brasil and here are something, at a glance, about BRASIL (pronounce Bra'zil) :

Capital City : Brasília
Largest city : São PauloOfficial language(s) : Portuguese
Demonym : Brazilian
Independence from Portugal Declared : 7 September 1822
Area : 8,514,877 km2 (5th largest in the world after Russia, Canada, China & USA)
Population (2009 estimate) : 192,272,890[1] (5th largest after China, India, USA, Indonesia)
Currency : Real (R$) (BRL)
Drives : on the right
Internet TLD : .br
Calling code : +55
For more details on Independence, Politics, Geographic, Economy etc click here

Enough about the country.


Brasil vs Holland - My preview

Tonight, Brasil will go against Holland for a place in this year World Cup semi final. The Dutch had a good tournament so far where they had won all their games. Personally, I don't find their wins been a convincing one so far. They rely too much on Robben to produce the kind of magic as the one he showed against the Slovakia in the quarterfinal match. Therefore, the Brasillian need to tie Robben movement and ensure that he will had a quiet game the whole of 90 minutes. That would be the job of the fullback, Maicon and Michel Bastos, as Robben normally operated from the flank - most of the time from the left side of the opposition. In this case, the job will be for Michel Bastos - although sometimes during the game Robben might switched side to the right (in this case it's Maicon's job).

Other threat to Brasil will be RVP (Robin Van Persie) who sometime could provide the magic that Robben does. He will be playing as a lone striker upfront. I believed, Lucio & Juan will be able to contain RVP throughout the match.

As for Brasil, I am hoping that Kaka, Robinho and Luis Fabiano could link up together and show the world their super-talented-skill to cut open the Dutch defence. It is a bit unfortunate to see Ramires suspended for accumulating 2 yellow cards. He would provide the lung-bursting-energy from the centre of the field to help the front 3 to cut open opposition defence. His energy will be missed.

Brasil always heavily dependent on their full back, Maicon & Michel Bastos, to push forward. However, in this game I believed the fullbacks need to be careful to not leaving to much gap at the back for the Dutch to
exploit especially with the present of Robben. That would be devastating.

With the credential of both team and the superstars across their squad, I am fully expect a very good, fluent and competitive game to be on show tonight. May the better team win and hopefully it would be BRASIL.


Note : I would love to see Robben in the Liverpool FC rank..

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