07 Oktober 2011


Weekend lepas bermula Jumaat pagi sampai ke Isnin petang aku terperangkap dalam workshop untuk process flow di Selesa Beach Resort PD.

Tujuan utama workshop tersebut ialah untuk produce documented process for new product on offering. Sebenarnya product2 itu sudah pun di pasaran cuma process nya tidak di documented kan properly. As of the day, the process being used is the caca marba one dependent on the anyone's interpretation.

Sadly, the my part was a bit-part one - sangat sedikit that it does not warrant me to be there. Anyhow, orang dah jemput.. aku attend saja la and try to contribute as much as possible but top be honest half-heartedly. Come on la... workshop over the weekend starts from Friday until Monday!

Worst still, agenda yang di sediakan were all about work, work, work! not a single session in the whole 4 days there be any off-work activity being planned. Given that our session was 150++ km away from the office and resided at a resort with a saujana mata memandang beach plus a huge pool in front of the hotel... it is a "sin" not to have a riadah kind of activity!

Believed it or not, the whole 4 days... aku tak keluar langsung daripada compound hotel tersebut dan not even touch the pool nor the beach. Shoooot!! Memang tension!

Ditambah pula, non of the colleague yang attend that day that I know well and had limited access to their conversation apart from things related to the workshop-process flow. Sad.

Dengan half-hearted and determined not to really get involved in the workshop that was not really related to my jurisdiction... session tu pada aku memang sangat bosan dan masa2 aku banyak di penuhi dengan aktiviti makan, makan, makan! Thankgod,  the kueh were delicious!!

Since aku dah mumble macam2 pasal workshop ini and the "boring-ness" of it... aku cerita sikit perjalanan nya. On Friday morning, the day we come and register for the workshop... straightaway starts with the workshop. Ok, fine... masih fresh lagi.. ok la to proceed. The session starts with briefing of what is expected out of the workshop dan juga briefing on the current process. At that time pun dah banyak sangat soalan yang more towards perlaksaanan rather that the process itself. That took half a day!

Petang starts the first draft --> this is the easy part. Baru terhegeh2 buat dah nak ada challenge session pula sebelah malam nya. Process yang baru half-cooked dah nak kena challenge ?!

During challenge session macam2 idea yang  ntahapehapetah keluar dan sometimes it become so intense that make the session less enjoyable dan pening kepala. As the challenge is to many, only 2 presenter out of 8 able to show their fisrt draft -- 11pm all back to our respective room. Ready for tomorow's morning challenge pula. The activity repeated on and on... and sometimes to the point that arguing had lead to more confusion on the process and it become more complicated.

That was saturday. Malam nya, ada bolasepak derby Liverpool vs Everton -- the fiercest rivalry in Merseyside! Thankgod, there was a live telecast on ESPN dan made available dalam tv channel. 

Ahad, challenge session again by the bosses. Malas nak described some more. More or less the same as described above.

Monday, challenge session lagi. This is the final one. All the big guns (bosses) came in to challenge the processes established. Memang tension. Most of us just sit there without taking part in the conversation. I believed it is a total waste of time and energy listening to all the argument.

Arghh.. memang tension bila kerja di luar pejabat, tapi tak dapat enjoy the facilities provided. Work! work! and more work!


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