03 Julai 2013


What you do when your colleague(s) found out about your blog?

Easy.. Denied it with all your heart.

When they mention about pictures in the blog ?

Oh ya! Use the famous escape clause used by one famous reformasi guy... "It looks like me, it shaped like me.. But it is definitely not me"

Senang, bukan?

That is only if you really wanted to be an anonymous so that you may write freely on whatever things that had happened around you.

Your story may be unique to yourself, but people famously said that there are seven of our look-alike in this world and it is definitely not impossible that some of us may had similar life story along the way... Don't you think so?

Some people can easily get offended when they read something on your blog that relates to them. As if, they are so famous that people will take notice of the story. Let alone when the story was written in a blog like mine in which only a hand full of people come by. Itupun, lepas aku gi blog diorang dan tulis some comment

Oleh itu, don't jump into conclusion. You may think that I am whom you think you know... But, I may be not....


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